Can I put any spark plugs in my car?

In other words, any brand of spark plug can be used in any vehicle make or model application assuming the plug has the correct dimensions, design and heat range. The engine won’t know the difference. Does it matter what spark plugs you use? While you should buy spark plugs in matching sets for your vehicle, […]

How do you clean a ATV carburetor without removing it?

Vacuum away any loose dirt, dust, debris, grime, and great on the surface with a handheld and cordless vacuum. Lay out rags or cloths at the base of the carburetor to catch runoffs and protect the surfaces. Apply the carburetor and choke cleaner in thin, even coats. Then, wait for it to settle and work […]

How do you jump start a push button ignition?

In most makes of vehicles, simply hold the FOB up to the push to start button and then press the button with your foot on the brake and the car will start. Can you jump start a push button? Even a push start button vehicle can be jump started; it’s done the same as any […]

How do I install Pertronix Ignitor III?

How do you install a PerTronix Ignitor? Now place the magnet sleeve onto the points can just position it correctly and press down until the unit hits the bottom the magnet ring should be level with the top of the black module. How do you wire a PerTronix electronic ignition? First, if you have […]

5 of the best car rental search engines

In recent years we have chosen to rent a car on many of our routes through Europe: Scotland, Romania, the Baltic States, Belgium, Poland, etc. Well, today we have thought of making a small comparison between 5 of the best car rental search engines to see what they can provide. The truth is that we […]

P228D FORD code

The trouble code P228D can be elucidated as Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Exceeded Control Limits – Pressure Too High. This error code would start appearing when a high voltage signal from the control circuit of the electronic fuel pressure regulator would be detected by the powertrain control module. How do I fix code P0089? What […]

P0196 FORD code

P0196 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for “Engine Oil Temperature (EOT) Sensor low“. This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation. What causes a P0198 code? What the P0198 code means. This code indicates there is higher voltage […]

C1B00 FORD code

How do you reset a Ford steering angle sensor? Zitat von Youtube: One. Check it out bluetooth connected. It's turned blue now it's communicating if i turn the light on you will be able to see it. And it's establishing communication. As you can see the dash. How much does it cost to replace a […]

B1600 FORD code

What does code B1600 mean? OBD II fault code B1600 is a manufacturer specific code that is defined by car maker Ford as “PATS Ignition Key Transponder Signal Is Not Received”, or sometimes as “No PATS Key Read by the PATS Control”, and is set when the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) detects a communication failure […]

P015A FORD code

What does code P015A mean? What does OBD-II fault code P015A mean? OBD-II Code Decreased engine performance is defined as a O2 Sensor Delayed Response – Rich to Lean. The purpose of the oxygen sensor is to measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gases after they leave the combustion process of the engine. How […]