06 Ford Focus 2 litre duratec cranks but no start. No power to coils and injectors when cranking

Why does my Ford Focus turn over but not start?

Clogged Fuel Injectors

If the car cranks when you turn the key, but the engine won’t start, it could be because fuel isn’t getting to the engine. One potential reason for this could be dirty fuel injectors. Over time, the fuel injector nozzles can become clogged with rust, corrosion or debris.

How do you reset the Immobiliser on a Ford Focus?


  1. Insert the key into the driver’s side door lock.
  2. Turn the key once, but not all the way to unlock the door. Leave the key in this position for 40-60 seconds. …
  3. Do this again, but turn the key in the opposite direction.
  4. Remove the key from the door, get into your Ford, and start the engine. The system should be reset.

What would cause no spark or fuel?

If there is no spark or fuel, then the first thing I would do is check the vehicle’s fuses and relays, particularly the EFI main and ignition relays. It may be possible that one of these components has failed and is cutting off power to the vehicle’s ignition and fuel systems.

How do you test a Ford Focus ignition coil?

How to Test a Ford Ignition Coil

  1. Remove the negative battery cable from the battery with a wrench. …
  2. Locate the coil on your Ford engine. …
  3. Remove the large wire from the center of the coil by pulling it straight out of the coil. …
  4. Place the test leads from the ohmmeter on the side terminals, one on each side.

What is engine malfunction Ford Focus?

What Does Engine Malfunction On Ford Focus Mean? it occurs for any reason that the Check engine Light on a Ford Focus looks up, it needs to be looked at immediately. It indicates that the engine is malfunctioning, allowing unburned fuel to escape through the exhaust.

How do I reset my Ford Focus battery?

1) Ignition on (engine off), headlight flashers 5 times, then brake pedal 3 times. Battery indicator lamp will flash meaning success. 3) Ignition on (engine off), lights on, fog light button 5 times, then hazard 3 times. Battery indicator lamp will flash meaning success.

Where is the immobilizer located in a Ford Focus?

The immobilizer of our Ford Focus first series is located inside the engine compartment, near the control unit and the fuse box, and is used to immobilize the car when it believes that a tamper is taking place.

How do I reset my immobilizer?

Hold the panic button for five seconds to reset the immobilizer. Then press the lock button twice and wait ten meters from the car for ten minutes.

Can you bypass PATS system?

Not only professionals can bypass the pats system, but also normal humans can do so. The only requirement is the transponder key used to deceive the system so that it believes that there is no theft-taking place in the vehicle.

How do you check an ignition coil with a multimeter?

That's one before you start the car and then you get grab your multimeter. Put it on DC voltage. Ground your black test lead and then on the connector. Side you start checking for voltage.

How do you test a Ford coil with a multimeter?

So simply put it on each one in depends on the end. And this one comes out to 1.8 ohms alright just well Matt one more just to show you. I. Go 1.9 1.8 1.9 ohms is good and then when you have a coil.

How do you check a coil pack without a multimeter?

So what you want to do is pop your hood you might have to remove some plastic. Stuff.

How do you test a coil with a screwdriver?

You take the screwdriver. And you put the screwdriver in the spark plug wire. And then hold it close about what a spark plug gap would be and this way you can actually vary the distance.

What is the easiest way to check an ignition coil pack?

How to Test a Faulty Coil Pack

  1. Open the hood of your vehicle. Disconnect the negative battery cable. …
  2. Disconnect the spark plug wires from the coil pack, one at a time. …
  3. Use an ohmmeter to measure the primary resistance on the coil pack. …
  4. Measure the secondary resistance on the coil pack.

How do you test an ignition switch?

Put the ignition key into the ignition switch and crank the engine. If the engine cranks, then your ignition switch is obviously working fine. If the engine does not crank, and you hear a “click” when you first turn the key to the “III” position, then your ignition switch is not the problem.

Why am I not getting power to my ignition?

If you turn the ignition on and no lights come on on the instrument panel, it means that there is no power coming from the battery. It could be a dead battery, loose battery terminal or something like a bad ignition switch or blown main fuse.

Will a bad ignition switch cause no power?

A faulty ignition switch will be unable to deliver power to the starter motor, ignition system, and other engine controls, preventing the engine from starting. However, other electrical and mechanical issues, such as a dead battery or a malfunctioning starter solenoid, may also cause engine difficulties.