2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 4WD Noise

What are the common problems with a Suzuki Grand Vitara?

Suzuki Grand Vitara Common Problems

  • Headlight Burning Out.
  • A/C Condenser Fan Failure.
  • Oil Leak Around Timing Chain Gasket.
  • Air Bag Sensor Malfunction.

Is the Suzuki Grand Vitara permanent 4 wheel drive?

All-new, permanent four-wheel drive

Suzuki has developed a totally new four-wheel drive system for this latest Grand Vitara.

Are Suzuki Grand Vitara reliable?

Is a used Suzuki Grand Vitara 4×4 reliable? Yes, it should be. The What Car? Reliability Index, which grades reliability based on the incidence of warranty repairs, scores this generation of Grand Vitara well, with a low score which indicates relatively few, cheaper-to-repair issues.

How does 4WD work on Suzuki Vitara?

The Grand Vitara’s single-mode 4WD system is ideal for drivers who need all-weather traction and participate in light off-road driving. The single mode and Four-Mode systems share a similar bevel gear open center differential that distributes power evenly between the front and rear wheels.

Does Suzuki still make the Grand Vitara?

No more Grand Vitaras will be available when existing stock is sold from showrooms, probably by the end of the year. And the company has no plans to replace the SUV, meaning the SX4 S-Cross will become the biggest model Suzuki sells.

How do I put my Suzuki Grand Vitara into 4WD?

Place the transmission in neutral and depress the brake pedal.

Does Suzuki Grand Vitara have diff lock?

There’s no diff-lock for the front and rear axles. Not that it matters much because the boundaries of the Suzuki’s off-road ability are, as in most off-roaders, initially limited by its tyres.