2008 VW Jetta: Small (A/C Condensor) Cooling Fan Not Running

What causes cooling fans not to come on?

Six things may prevent an electric cooling fan from coming on: Defective temperature switch, coolant sensor or other sensor. Engine thermostat is stuck OPEN (engine never gets hot enough to turn on the fan) Faulty fan relay.

How do you test a VW cooling fan?

Take a metal paper clip. And you touch your power to one of the other plans. Let me shoot at low speed.

Should the radiator fan turn on when AC is on?

Yes, any time the A/C compressor is running, the radiator fans should be on. Note that the compressor cycles off and on when the A/C system is running, so the fans will also cycle off and on.

Does car condenser fan run when AC is on?

Anytime the air conditioning is on, your condenser fan should be running. If you start the engine, you should see this fan spinning with the AC system.

What controls the condenser cooling fan?

The condenser fan relay is the electronic relay that controls the power to the AC condenser cooling fan. When the relay is activated the AC condenser fan is switched on so that it can keep the AC condenser cool.

How do I know if my cooling fan relay is bad?

Engine running hot

One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing cooling fan relay is an engine that runs hot or overheats. If you notice that your engine is running at higher temperatures than normal, that may be a sign that the relay is not functioning properly.

How do you test a radiator fan relay?

So you want to test AC. Relays. If you want to test grab this other one the cooling fan relays that we have here starter relays relays for actually you can hear it click well. Then. You hear that.

How do you test a radiator fan switch?

And then just touch the other one or the red lead in this case and the fans. Should turn on okay here's one more angle.

How does a cooling fan control module work?

An A/C fan control module helps to control the blower that supplies air to the cabin of a vehicle, as well as the cooling fans. The module helps to make sure that the cool air that is produced within the A/C system of a car is blown into the cabin.

What ECU controls the radiator fan?


The engine-ECU or engine-A/T-ECU controls the fan controller to activate the radiator fan motor and the condenser fan motor.

Where is the cooling fan control module?

The cooling fan control module in your vehicle is located at the front left of the engine compartment next to the radiator.

What controls the AC fan in a car?

What Is the AC Fan? Vehicles today have one multi-speed fan that blows air through the ducts and vents based on the driver’s desired level. The speeds are controlled by a resistor or a computer control module activated by the blower fan switch.

What fuse controls the AC fan?

Because of the volume of air that is moved by the blower fan, the motor may pull up to 20 amps or more at high speed. To protect the blower motor power circuit, a 20-, 25- or 30-amp fuse is usually located in the fuse panel under the dash.

Why is my car AC running but not blowing air?

Here are some of the most common causes of why air doesn’t flow out of your vehicle’s vents: Your air intake is clogged, meaning that air isn’t getting in from the outside at all or isn’t circulating properly. There is a blown fuse in the ventilation system. Electrical issues such as a bad relay.