2012 Honda Civic – Low beam is not working alone, with hight beam it’s working

Why do my high beams work but not low beam?

Headlight Fuse or Relay

If a headlight fuse blows, it could cause the headlights to stop working. Most headlight systems are also designed with a relay that switches the power between low beam and high beam headlights. If this relay goes bad, it could allow power to the high beams, but not the low beams.

Why does my headlight only work on high beam?

Headlight Fuse or Relay is Bad

Like all electrical systems, the headlights in your vehicle have a fuse in the circuit to prevent too much electricity from reaching the bulb. There will also be a headlight relay that switches power from the low beams to the high beams.

Why is my low beam not working?

Blown Fuse

If your headlights have stopped working, locate the fuse in your car connected to the low-beam headlights circuit. The fuse box is typically located under the hood or behind the dashboard. You can often find this information in your owner’s manual or on the inside of the fuse box cover.

Can you run high and low beams together?

To have your high and low beams come on together all you have to do is connect the low and high beam wires at the column harness. These are the inputs that activate the circuits and by connnecting them you are simply activating them simultaneously. This will activate both circuits with both high and low beams.

What are the symptoms of a bad headlight relay?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Headlight Closure Relay

  • Headlight doors don’t open.
  • Headlight doors stuck open.
  • Headlight doors operate erratically and open or close on their own.

How do you fix low beam headlights?

4 Steps to Fix a Low Beam Headlight Bulb

  1. Find the blown out bulb. …
  2. Buy the replacement bulb. …
  3. Get your tools ready. …
  4. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. …
  5. Remove the trim pieces. …
  6. Find the headlight holder. …
  7. Disconnect the cables from the headlight. …
  8. Remove the headlight bulb from the bulb housing.

Is it normal for both headlights to go out at the same time?

Solution: If both headlights aren’t working, it’s unlikely that a bulb is at fault. The likely cause is a fuse, headlight relay, headlight switch, dimmer switch or a wiring fault. About the only cause that is an easy fix is a blown fuse.

How do you wire high beams with low beams?

Those go directly to the battery. From there we're going to take a red wire we're going to connect it to 87 a pin on the relay. And that's going to go to the low beam on the headlight.

How do you wire a headlight with a relay?

During installation you'll remove these wires from your headlight connections. And use the supplied terminals and locking tab to plug them into the open cavity on the relay.

Where is the low beam relay located?

Usually, it is under the hood of the car. The point where your fuse panel is most likely located. On the other hand, it may also be located inside the cab of the car, this would be the case if your car comes with an interior fuse box.

How do you check a headlight relay?

Now a really popular thing to do to check relays is just to activate the switch. And listen for it to. Click. You can also feel. It. The problem with this is is it's not always accurate.

Where is the ground wire for headlights?

Determining the Ground Wire

Remove the connector from the back of the headlight. The connector should contain three wires, although it could contain two or four wires. If it contains two or three wires, one wire is ground. If it contains four wires, two of the wires are ground.

How do you diagnose headlight problems?

So i switched out this bulb with this side the driver's side bulb. And it's okay so the next thing. Say if it wasn't working i mean your your bulb is blown so you need to replace the headlight bulb.

How do you test a low beam bulb?

So make sure you have a clean battery. And then you need to test your baseline. First so your your baseline for some reason on these fluke. Leads. I get about 2.5 to 3 ohms on these leads.