Are wet cylinder liners’ shims utterly neccessary?

What is a liner shim?

K Series Cylinder Liner Shims. These shims are required to raise your cylinder bore liners to the correct height of 0.002″ – 0.004″ above the cylinder block face. it is very important that all the liners are at exactly the correct height and are all completely level.

Can you stack liner shims?

Do not stack shims. I would also recommend a proper straight edge for measuring. and there needs to be even pressure on the cylinder liner for measuring. Holding on one side will distort the clearance being measured.

Why is cylinder liner protrusion important?

The main purpose of cylinder liner or sleeve protrusion is to give you the proper amount of “crush” on your cylinder head gasket. This ensures that once torqued, your cylinder head crushes the gasket evenly and to the correct specification.

What causes liner protrusion?
Or one part of the liner. Sitting lower than the other that's usually what happens when c15 is one part will actually sink due to block where and it'll blow your head gasket as you saw in the picture.

What causes cylinder liners to drop?

What Causes A Liner To Drop? It is caused by fretting of the lower part of the liner inside the block when the lower receiver bore is placed under the ring with low spacing. A lack of support made the liner move, leading to the flange to crack.

How do you check for piston protrusion?
The piston protrusion. Must always be measured in the direction of the piston pin axis. The piston protrusion can then be read off the die.

What is a liner protrusion?

Liner protrusion is the measurement the cylinder liner extends above the surface of the engine block. It is supposed to stick above the surface of the block and act essentially as a cushion on the cylinder head gasket.