B1869 FORD code

B1869 Lamp air Bag Warning Indicator Circuit Open.Jun 6, 2010

How do you fix airbag Code 12?

It looks like code 12 means low battery voltage. Check any related fuses to see if they’ve blown or if they’re looking kind of shaky. Also, get your battery checked out and make sure it’s not giving low voltage or something. Do you have any trouble or problems starting the car?

How do you read Ford airbag codes?

Zitat von Youtube: So okay again one two three four five two second pause one. That's code 51 right there and it will keep flashing that code over and over again.

What causes airbag Code 12?

Code 12 means your battery voltage is low, while 13 means the airbag circuit is shorted or grounded.

How do you check airbag codes?

Zitat von Youtube: This will read all of those codes plus abs and airbags. So you need one of these to start with so the very first thing we need to do is locate our obd2 port it's right here next to the center console

How do I reset my airbag light?

Turn Your Ignition on and Off.

First, turn the ignition switch on. Next, wait for the airbag light to turn on – it normally stays lit for seven seconds before shutting itself off. Then, immediately turn off the ignition switch, and wait three seconds. Repeat the initial steps once or twice before starting the engine.