B1B06 JEEP code

Where is the airbag squib located?

What is an airbag Squib? The squib is the component within the air bag inflator that begins the deployment process.

What does driver squib circuit open mean?

The squib circuit is the wiring that blows the fuse to set it off. So either there is a bad connection, or the fuse is already open, or the controller is bad.

What is a driver airbag squib?

The Clock Spring (aka: Squib) provides electrical connections for various circuits within the steering wheel while allowing the wheel to turn. “The British call it a Squib.

What is squib circuit?

The squib circuit consists of the center airbag sensor assembly, spiral cable and the steering wheel pad (squib). It causes the airbag to deploy when the airbag deployment conditions are satisfied.

What is a squib wire?

A squib generally consists of a small tube filled with an explosive substance, with a detonator running through the length of its core, similar to a stick of dynamite. Also similar to dynamite, the detonator can be a slow-burning fuse, or as is more common today, a wire connected to a remote electronic trigger.