Best paint to paint windshield wiper arms?

For painting wiper arms use Krylon semi-flat spray can paint it will look like new. For painting anything that has to be semi-flat use Krylon. For other spray can detailing also try their flat black,gloss black and dull aluminum.

What paint should I use on wiper arms?
Using engine enamel paint. It's designed for heat up to 500 degrees. So the heat coming off that windshield from the Sun is they want to bake that paint off like cheap paint.

Can I spray paint wiper arms?
Okay just wipe them really good and let them dry again and we're going to paint them. The best way to go with spray paint is to go with regular paint and after that a coat of clear coat.

How do you fix a faded windshield wiper arm?
Pull the end off you actually take the winter wiper off. And then from there we're going to go ahead and hang it on a piece that you can do it on a piece of bottoms.