Eccentric locking collar

What is an eccentric locking collar on a bearing?

Eccentric locking collar mounted bearings contact the shaft over a larger surface area compared to setscrew mounted bearings. This can reduce shaft damage and fretting corrosion.

How do you set a bearing lock collar?
If using an expansion unit Center the cartridge of the expansion bearing by hand tighten the collar screws on the expansion unit using the same method as the fixed bearing.

What are eccentric bearings?

Eccentric roller bearing is a very practical types in all the bearings. It has a simple structure, including an outer ring, an inner ring, rolling element and rolling element basket. The hole of inner ring is eccentric hole and there is a longitudinal keyway on the medial wall of eccentric hole.

What is the advantage of collar bearing?

Simple and effective, it makes system inserts easier to replace. There is no need to remove and replace grease fittings, location pins or other devices.

How does a locking collar work?

The locking collar has a counterbored recess made purposely eccentric to the collar bore. When assembled on the shaft, this eccentric recess engages, or mates, with an eccentric cam end of a bearing’s inner ring. The collar is engaged on the inner cam of the bearing.

Where is collar bearing used?

The collars are either integral parts of the shaft or rigidly fastened to it. Such a bearing is used when it is not practicable to use the foot step bearing. The collar rotates against the stationary split bearing surfaces.

What is a collar screw?
The set screw shaft car drives it's holding power from a single screw as it is tightened under the shaft. To reach maximum holding power the shaft must be a softer material than that of the screw.

What is collar bearing?

Definition of collar bearing

: a thrust bearing having a suitably formed face or faces that resist the axial pressure of one or more collars on a rotating shaft.

What is pivot and collar bearing?

and collar bearings are used to take this axial thrust of the rotating shaft. The propeller shafts of. ships, the shafts of steam turbines, and vertical machine shafts are examples of shafts which. carry an axial thrust. The bearing surfaces placed at the end of a shaft to take the axial thrust are known as pivots.

What are pivot bearings used for?

Pivot bearings are used to restrain a piston and allow for sufficient clearance for piston expansion to remove the risk of seizure, without incurring damage when the piston runs cold.

Which is the type of pivot bearing?

Cantilevered Pivot Bearings – Single-Ended Pivot Bearing.