Follow Maintenance Manual or Service technician recommendations?

Why is it important to read and follow the service and repair manual instructions?

Maintenance schedule: It’s hard to keep track of everything in your life, and your car’s maintenance might be going unchecked. This is when your manual comes in handy – it provides details on when your car should be serviced and what to check.

Why is it important to follow the recommended vehicle maintenance schedule?

Keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule can help by preventing costly repairs of the cooling system, transmission system, drivetrain and other components. Preventive car care reduces wear and tear of the engine and other components that extend the life of your vehicle.

What is the recommended maintenance schedule?

Routine maintenance services are often done on a 30-60-90 interval, meaning you should perform essential preventative maintenance about every 30,000 miles. Every vehicle is unique, and various parts can wear out at irregular intervals depending on your driving habits.

Why are service manuals important to automotive servicing and repair?

Car repair manuals provide detailed information on your car as well as detailed instructions on how to service the engine, fix specific issues, avoid certain problems and just generally keep your car running smoothly for a long while.

Why the service manual is important?

The service manual gets you to know everything about your vehicle and also helps you in proper maintenance by scheduling your vehicle servicing. By this, you can restore the quality of your vehicle and as an additional benefit, you could extend the life of your vehicle too.