GDI intake cleaning before or after oil change?

Do you have to change oil after using CRC intake valve cleaner?

Did you change your engine oil after using CRC GDI? you don’t need to, since you put this from intake side, it shouldn’t contaminate the oil.

When should I clean my GDI engine?

There are a great deal of induction carbon deposits being accumulated by all GDI engines. Cleaning your engine every 30,000 miles as routine maintenance will keep the engine from eroding from these deposits. Keeping your engine running on the up and coming is part of your routine maintenance routine.

How often should you clean GDI valves?

Remember, gasoline additives don’t reach intake valves on GDI engines! Cleaning is needed every 10,000 miles or at every oil change to prevent deposit buildup.

When should intake valves be cleaned?

every 15,000 to 30,000 miles

The intake manifold must be removed and the valves manually cleaned. The most common method is to media blast the back of the valves with walnut shells and we recommend performing this cleaning every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

How do I use CRC cleaner?
Once the can is empty rev the engine two to three times but don't exceed 3,500 rpm run it idle for one minute then turned the engine off reassemble.

How do you maintain a GDI engine?

Replace spark plugs at the recommended mileage to reduce the amount of unburned fuel in the combustion chamber. Use a premium quality fuel with added detergents to help keep engine parts clean from deposits. Add a fuel system cleaner to maintain the condition of the GDi system.

How do you clean the intake valve on a GDI engine?
Clean the carbon off the back of the valves as it washes over them in gdi engines carbon builds up on the back of the intake valves because gasoline bypasses the valves altogether.