Information from an EEC-IV on 92 Ford F150

What is Ford EEC-IV?

The EEC-IV computer was built around an Intel-designed 8/16 bit processor called the 8061. This chip was never sold commercially, but a close variation, the 8096, was extremely popular. The major difference between these two chips was the external instruction/data bus.

How do you test a Ford EEC-IV?


  1. Make sure engine is fully warmed. …
  2. Turn ignition off and wait 10 seconds for system to shut off. …
  3. Hook up light and jumper (or a tester if you have one). …
  4. Fast Codes are output (ignore fast light flashes). …
  5. Read hard faults.
  6. Separator Pulse.
  7. Read memory codes.

What is EEC on a Ford truck?

EEC: Electronic Engine Control system. Vehicles with this setup have an onboard computer.

What is the EEC test Ford?

How to read trouble codes on Ford’s EEC-IV. and processing capability, and verifies that various sensors and actuators are connected and operating properly. Most automotive computer scanners have Ford EEC-IV adaptors.

What is EEC on fuel tank?

The EEC system is a method of controlling HC emissions by collecting fuel vapours from the fuel tank and carburettor fuel bowl vents, and directing them into an engine intake manifold.

What is a Ford PCM?

November 7, 2020. The powertrain control module, aka PCM, is your vehicle’s brain. It manages the engine, transmission and other systems based on information it receives from various sensors around the vehicle.

How do you clear EEC IV codes?

Reset the idle programming per the following.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. …
  2. Turn on the headlight switch.
  3. Wait at least 10 minutes.
  4. Turn off headlight switch.
  5. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.
  6. Start engine normally (never press on the gas pedal).