Motorcycle chain adjustment problem: slack changes by itself

Why does my motorcycle chain keep loosening?

A motorcycle chain that keeps getting loose is usually caused by the rear axle or chain tensioning bolts not being tight enough. It can also be cause by a new chain not being worn in enough, worn down sprocket teeth, having too tight of a tension, or having the wrong size of chain installed.

Why does my chain keep getting loose?

Your chain might simply be too old or can stretch over time. When this occurs you need to replace it. Consider that your loose chain also may be due to operator error. Exceeding the recommended gear range for the rear derailleur on your bike may lead to a droopy chain when you ride in these gears.

How often adjust motorcycle chain slack?

You should check and adjust your chain every 500 miles (805 km), and more often for a dirt bike. It’s also a great time to look for kinks or rust, and to give your chain a quick cleaning and lubrication, too.

What happens if you over tighten a motorcycle chain?

When a motorcycle chain is too tight, it’ll put stress on several components of the bike and cause the sprockets to wear faster, make the engine work harder, and cause the suspension to be tight and uncomfortable. Ultimately, a tight chain on a motorcycle may break leaving you with no power.

Why is my bike chain slack?

Chains become loose for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is a new chain on an old bike. Older bikes obviously have older and more worn-down components. Placing a new chain on these worn-down parts can cause the chain to jump and slip around as you ride.

Why does a chain stretch in service?

Another highly significant factor in chain stretch is the accumulation of dirt particles between parts of a chain. These particles form a paste with existing petrochemical lubricants, and they will cause pins, rollers, and bushings to lose material rapidly, again resulting in an overall elongation of the whole chain.

Will a loose motorcycle chain cause loss of power?

Too tight, and the tension will restrict your power and force, effectively hindering your motion (and safety). Too loose, though, and you risk a chain jumping off a sprocket; a slapping chain has the potential to damage moto-parts (and rider-parts).

How do I know if my motorcycle chain is too loose?

Check the chain slack while the Chain Monkey is in place. If there is still slack present in the chain, your chain is too loose and you will need to adjust and align your wheel until the slack is removed.

Will a new motorcycle chain stretch?

A new motorcycle chain will appear to stretch during the first few rides after installation. However, a chain should not stretch too much immediately and might be defective if it continues to stretch or needs to be constantly adjusted.

Can you adjust chain on side stand?

Adjusting your chain on a side stand can be done safely with two people, one person holding the bike with the rear wheel off the ground while the other adjusts the chain. So to answer the question” Is it safe to adjust a motorcycle chain on the side stand? The answer is yes, but not recommended.

Can you tighten motorcycle chain without stand?
Moving back and forth. And you just screw the stud out so loosen it to apply attention to the chain. You'll be able to see it tighten up some.

Do you need a stand to adjust chain?

If you lube your chain regularly, you will probably not need to adjust it every time you return from a ride, but as a chain nears the end of its usable life, you will need to adjust the slack more and more frequently. Although a rear stand is not required to adjust your chain, it will make the process much easier.

How do you oil a bike chain without a center stand?
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How do you clean a motorcycle chain without a paddock stand?
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How do you lube a bike chain without lube?


  1. Without Lube: A dry chain will let out an ear-piercing squeal and won’t shift smoothly. …
  2. Lube It: Soak a clean rag with degreaser, such as Pedro’s Oranj Peelz Citrus Degreaser. …
  3. Never Use: Motor oil—it contains acids and particles of metal that can compromise a chain’s strength and cause it to wear more quickly.