My 2001 2500 dodge ram 5.9 the truck starts and run fine for 15 minutes

Why does my 2001 Dodge Ram shut off?

The ignition switch is an anti-theft component that turns your Ram’s electrical systems off and on. If it starts to fail, your electrical systems won’t turn on, which will lead to the car dying or sputtering while driving.

Why does my Dodge Ram shut off when I stop?

Clogged or restricted EGR Valve: If your EGR valve is clogged, dirty, or defective it can cause your car to stall, idle erratically, or sputter, depending on whether it is stuck open or closed.

What would cause a Dodge Ram not to start?

The most common reasons a Dodge Ram 1500 won’t start are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter.

What is an ASD relay in Dodge Ram?

One of these components is the automatic shutdown relay, commonly referred to as the ASD relay. The ASD relay is responsible for supplying switched 12-volt power to the vehicle’s injectors and ignition coils, allowing them to provide fuel and produce spark.

Why does my 2003 Dodge Ram shut off?

Typically when an engine shuts off while under acceleration, it is caused by an instant reduction in fuel flow or an ignition system component that failed. Among the leading candidates include, fuel pump failure, fuel pump relay, or crankshaft or cam position sensor failure.

Why does my car turn off when it warms up?

Heat causes expansion. The ECU or the coil gets hot and expands. This expansion can separate a fine / broken circuit inside causing it to not be able to conduct the electric signal that tells the coil to spark, or it could be inside the coil and it simply can’t deliver any spark even if the ECU is telling it to.

What triggers the ASD relay?

GREY/BLACK (Crank Signal) 5.0v switched to ground as the flywheel passes the sensor. The controller needs to see a 300rpm or greater signal here to activate the ASD/Fuel Pump relays. Side Note: Tan/Yellow is the cam sensor signal and switches the 5v signal voltage to ground as the cam sensor magnets rotate.

What is the ASD fuse for?

The Automatic Shutdown (ASD) fuse is a vital electrical component in the electronic engine management systems, consisting of both the ignition and fuel systems. This component is very important in maintaining the functionality of a vehicle.

How do you test a PCM relay?
So you should hear the relay click. And you should be able to see the contacts. Moving all right so that doesn't necessarily mean that there really is good that just means that the coil is energizing.

Where is the ECM power relay located?

The relay is located in the engine main fuse relay control box. The defective ECM-power relay is removed from the control box by pulling it straight up and out of socket. The new ECM-power relay is installed into the socket and the engine scanned for codes.

Where is ECM sensor located?
But typically they are found in the engine. Compartment. Under the passenger. Floorboard under the seats or behind the kick panels. If you are not able to find the ecm with your manual.