P0058 DODGE code

What the P0058 code means. When this code is stored in the powertrain control module it means that the heater control circuit in the oxygen sensor after the catalytic converter on the cylinder bank not containing cylinder one has higher voltage than expected.What the P0058 code means. When this code is stored in the powertrain control modulepowertrain control moduleAn ECU is a computer with internal pre-programmed and programmable computer chips that is not much different from a home computer or laptop. The vehicle’s engine computer ECU is used to operate the engine by using input sensors and output components to control all engine functions.

How do I fix error code P0058?

Zitat von Youtube: If the damages are found then replace the oxygen. Sensor. If there is no damage found on the oxygen sensor you would need to take your car to consult. Professional mechanics.

What O2 sensor is bank 2 sensor 2?

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0158 stands for O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 2, Sensor 2). The O2 sensor 2 is the downstream O2 sensor and it measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases leaving the catalytic converter (cat).

How much does it cost to fix P0038 code?

Since the P0038 OBD2 Trouble Codecan be caused by many issues, the estimated cost to fix the problem will run anywhere from $20 to $150, but this all depends on the make and model of your vehicle. The worst case scenario is replacing the O2 sensor, which will cost from $20 to $50 each.

What is HO2S heater control circuit?

An HO2S is heated to ensure very rapid response of data to the ECM’s closed loop system which helps decrease emissions during start-up and when the engine is cold.

How do I fix Bank 2 P0430?

What repairs can fix the P0430 code?

  1. Replacing the catalytic converter.
  2. Diagnosing and repairing the engine misfire.
  3. Replacing the fuel injector.
  4. Repairing any mechanical damages in the engine.
  5. Replacing the oxygen sensor.
  6. Repairing or replacing the exhaust replaced.

How do you know which O2 sensor is bad?

Zitat von Youtube: You can know for sure which of your o2 sensors is indicating a problem by having your code scanned. You can have your code scan for free at your local O'Reilly Auto Parts Store.

What does P0038 mean?

Zitat von Youtube: And see the error code p038. This code may be triggered when your vehicle's control module detects a fault in the heater circuit in oxygen sensor bank one sensor. Too. Here is a simple diy method you

What does engine code P0032 mean?

P0032 sends sensor data for the engine to operate properly as the engine exhaust should have a specific air-fuel ratio of 14.7 to 1 as detected by the heated oxygen sensors (HO2S) which defines the oxygen content of the vehicle exhaust. This code is for the HO2S in front of the catalytic converter.