P0540 CHEVROLET code

The presence of the P0540 code in the PCM means that an abnormal input voltage was detected from the intake air heater circuit.

How do I test my air intake heater?

If the intake air heater is not working you will get a code. Take the nut off the wire (8 or 10 MM socket) and remove it, and start the truck. The check engine light will come on. If you can read the code it will tell you the intake air heater voltage is low.

What is an intake air heater?

Air Intake Heaters, also known as grid and manifold heaters, provide solutions for diesel applications such as On-Highway, Off-Road and Power Generation. Powered by the vehicle battery, air intake heaters provide an on-board, stand-alone cold weather starting aid without driver intervention.

What code is P2607?

The P2607 trouble code is a generic powertrain code related to computer circuit output issues. Your vehicle’s engine control module (ECM) is receiving a notification that the second intake air heater (heater B or 2) is presenting a low voltage reading or is exceeding the manufacturer’s allowed variances.

Where is the air intake heater located?

The air intake heater is located in the line that runs from the intercooler to the top of the intake manifold on the right side of the engine (left side if you are standing in front of the truck looking into the engine compartment).

Where is the intake air heater relay?

Registered. The 2 intake manifold air heater relays are located in the engine compartment. They are attached to a common bracket. This bracket is attached to the right battery tray.

What controls current to the intake air heater?

Air heater elements are used to heat incoming air into the intake manifold. This is done to help engine starting and improve drivability with cool or even cold outside temperatures. Electrical supply for the two heating elements is controlled by the engine control module via two air heater relays.

What does an air intake heater relay do?

It sends voltage to the intake air heater when the PCM tells it to. It’s meant to help reduce white smoke on cold starts and idle. It’s not necessary for the truck to run.

What is a manifold heater?

The Manifold Heater

The manifold heater’s purpose in life is to heat the fuel mixture to aid vaporization when the engine is started at temperatures below 160° F. It replaces the common exhaust manifold heat riser valve. The heater itself is in the intake manifold under the carburetor.