P1409 CHEVROLET code

What is Code P1409?

Zitat von Youtube: D1409 is a diagnostic trouble code for egr vacuum regulator solenoid circuit malfunction.

What is a EGR vacuum regulator solenoid?

The EGR vacuum regulator solenoid is an electromagnetic device which is used to regulate the vacuum supply to the EGR valve. The solenoid contains a coil which magnetically controls the position of a disc to regulate the vacuum.

How do you test an EGR solenoid?

Zitat von Youtube: So here we go we are going to turn the multimeter. On i will then take the negative lead here and then the positive one here.

How does EGR solenoid work?

Zitat von Youtube: The EGR solenoid is a computer controlled device used to modulate the vacuum signal to the valve. When. The computer commands EGR it pulses the solenoid on and off many times per second.

How do I fix code p0400?

Zitat von Youtube: First carefully remove the egr valve from your car. Turn the egr valve upside down and fill it up with the wd-40. Cleaner let it soak for five hours for the solvent to get rid of all the carbon.

Where is EGR vacuum solenoid located?

It is normally attached to the engine block with a nut and is close to the EGR valve. The solenoid can be located by following the rubber vacuum hose from the EGR valve on the back of the engine block to the solenoid.

How do I know if my EGR solenoid is bad?

Common signs include engine performance issues like decreased power and acceleration, engine pings or knocks, and the Check Engine Light coming on.

What happens when EGR solenoid goes bad?

A faulty EGR valve can cause problems with the flow and operation of the EGR system leading to performance issues including a reduction in power, reduced acceleration and decreased fuel efficiency. It can also cause vehicle emissions to increase.

How much is a EGR solenoid?

EGR Vacuum Control Solenoid Replacement Cost – RepairPal Estimate. The average cost for EGR vacuum control solenoid replacement is between $114 and $124. Labor costs are estimated between $40 and $50 while parts are priced at $74.

How do you clean an EGR valve without removing it?

Zitat von Youtube: The air intake pipe that comes off the air box. Simply undo it take the can and then trade it in in small intervals.