P1860 CHEVROLET code

The P1860 DTC is a fairly serious OBDII diagnostic trouble code, as it relates to the operation of the torque converter. Should this not work properly, the engine can fail to perform or completely stall out, which can create a serious safety hazard.

What is a TCC PWM solenoid?

The torque converter clutch pulse width modulation (TCC PWM) solenoid valve controls the fluid acting on the converter clutch valve. The converter clutch valve controls the TCC application and release. The solenoid attaches to the control valve body within the transmission.

How do you test a TCC solenoid?

Zitat von Youtube: To test the TCC solenoid. Apply power to one side of the unit. Either by turning the ignition key on or by jumping power to the power feed wire. Then using a test light connected to ground probe.

What is PWM transmission?

Generally, the widely used hydraulic control system in automatic transmissions is pulse width modulation (PWM) type. It consists in a PWM solenoid valve and a reducing type second stage valve, so called pressure control valve (PCV), to amplify pressure or flow rate.

What is P1864 code?

P1864: Torque Converter Enable Solenoid Electrical Fault OBD-II Trouble Code. The torque converter enable solenoid activates the TCC valve which controls the pressurized hydraulic fluid that actuates the torque converter lockup clutch.

How do I fix error code P1860?

What Repairs Will Fix P1860?

  1. Service the transmission (i.e. change the transmission fluid and filter)
  2. Replace the TCC PWM solenoid.

Where is the TCC solenoid located?

► What Does a Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid do? Positioned between the rear of the engine and the front of the transmission is the torque converter.

How do you bypass a TCC solenoid?

To bypass the shift and TCC solenoids, you simply need to connect standard 194 light bulbs to these individual circuits coming from the PCM and then connect the other side of the bulbs to ignition B+. The light bulbs will then serve as a “load” which will simulate the solenoids.

Why are some shift solenoids pulse width modulated?

Therefore, we are able to vary the pressure out of the solenoid between 0 and the maximum pressure that the solenoid can output. Pulse Width Modulation is a method that allows us to do this. We switch (or pulse) a solenoid on and off very quickly (multiple times per second) between zero volts and ignition voltage.