P1D73 DODGE code

How do I fix code P1d73?

Zitat von Youtube: Stop driving and repair your vehicle immediately it indicates that the pcm has detected a message from the active grille shutter actuator that the open to close position travel is above 100 degrees.

What does P1d73 mean?

Internet search found this: P1d73 Chrysler Description. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) receives a message from the Active Grill Shutter (AGS) Actuator that the open to close position travel is above 100 degrees or the mechanical stop was detected before the commanded position was reached.

How much does it cost to fix active grill shutters?

Active grille shutters can cost anywhere from $100 to $400 for the parts alone. Design and kit inclusions can affect this part’s pricing. Labor costs may depend on your location, so it may be best to ask your local repair shop for a quote.

How do you test an active grill shutter motor?

The active grille shutter actuator is equipped with a self-diagnosis function.

To verify operation, perform a calibration to command the shutter system to fully open and fully close with CONSULT.

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Select “ACTIVE GRILLE SHUTTER” in the “ACTIVE TEST” mode of “ENGINE” using CONSULT.
  3. Touch “CALIBRTN.”

What is active grille shutter?

What does an Active Grille Shutter do? Active Grille Shutters open and close automatically to control airflow, reducing aerodynamic drag and improve fuel efficiency.

What does a shutter do on a car?

Whilst the primary function of the active grille shutters is to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the car, there are some secondary benefits like improving the warm up time of engine and also retaining engine heat when parked.

What is a radiator shutter assembly?

The radiator shutter assembly, also known as the active grille shutter, opens and closes automatically to block airflow from entering the vehicle’s radiator and subsequently the engine bay to maintain optimal engine temperatures and continuous improvement of gas mileage.