P2004: Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open Bank 1.

How do I fix code P2004?

What repairs can fix the P2004 code?

  1. Replacing the IMRC solenoid.
  2. Repairing or replacing IMRC solenoid wiring that has shorts, breaks or is frayed.
  3. Repairing or replacing IMRC solenoid circuitry that has shorted or is open.
  4. Repairing or replacing IMRC solenoid connector that is corroded.

Can I drive with a P2004 code?

Is it safe to drive with P2004 code? It is safe to drive, Because the CK ENG LT is on you would use more fuel than required, This code condition is also capable of suspending any other code that may appear.

What can cause a P2004 code?

Causes of Code P2004

  • Broken or disconnected vacuum lines.
  • Obstructed Vacuum control solenoid.
  • Faulty IMRC solenoid.
  • Damaged IMRC wiring.
  • Corroded or otherwise damaged IMRC connector.
  • Loose or damaged IMRC butterfly hardware.
  • Broken IMRC butterfly valve plates.
  • Primary issues pertaining to input devices (EGR, BAR, MAF)

Jun 29, 2021

Where is the intake manifold runner located?

Above and behind the serpentine belt, you’ll find a black box with linkages coming out of it. The box contains an electric motor that controls two doors or flaps in the side of the intake manifold [Ford calls it the Intake Manifold Runner Control]. Engine heat can damage the clips that hold the rods in place.

How much does it cost to replace a intake manifold runner control?

A new intake manifold runner valve can cost anywhere between $50 and $200, depending on factors like its brand and your vehicle’s specifications. Labor costs for replacing a damaged intake manifold runner valve typically range from $300 to $400.

How do I replace intake manifold runner control?

How to replace an intake manifold runner control

  1. Extract the engine trim cover from the engine.
  2. Remove the faulty intake manifold runner control.
  3. Install the new intake manifold runner control.
  4. Reinstall the engine trim covers.
  5. Examine the engine to ensure the safety of the new equipment.

How do I fix code P2008?

What repairs can fix the P2008 code?

  1. Intake manifold runner flaps unstuck.
  2. Wiring harness replaced or repaired as needed.
  3. Intake manifold runner control solenoid replacement.
  4. Repair of poor electrical connection.