P203F DODGE code

OBD Code P203F – Reductant Level Too Low This code is defined as Reductant Level Too Low and is set by the PCM when it detects an improper signal from the Reductant Level Sensor.

What is fault code P203F?

Zitat von Youtube: P203f is a diagnostic trouble code for reductant level too low. Under this circumstance. Stop driving and repair your vehicle immediately it indicates that the pcm has detected the diesel exhaust

What does reductant level sensor mean?

With the help of the Reductant Level Sensor, the ECM comes to know exactly how much DEF is present in the tank. The Discrete level sensor measures the tank level at three different heights, and the reductant level is measured based on how much liquid reductant is present.

What is code P207F?

OBD-II Code P207F is defined as a Reductant Quality Performance. The engine computer (PCM) monitors the Reductant Catalyst System’s use of DEF and its ability to convert NOx to Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, and Water. If the Reductant Catalyst fails to perform its job efficiently, code P207F is set.

How do I fix P203F code?

How To Correct P203F Reductant Level Too Low

  1. Repair or replace the DEF.
  2. Repair or replace DEF sensor.
  3. Repair or replace Fuel filler neck.
  4. Repair or replace ECM.
  5. Repair or replace ECU.
  6. Repair or replace discrete level sensor.

What does reductant pressure too low mean?

OBD-II Code Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failure is defined as a Reductant Pressure Too Low. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is used to assist in converting leftover exhaust particles to harmless gases. In order to burn off those particles, the temperature of the exhaust system needs to increase.

Where is the reductant level sensor location?

Reductant level sensor 1 is located at low reductant level. Reductant level sensor 3 is located at less than half range of the DEF tank level. The scan tool will display Active when the level sensors are in contact with reductant and Inactive when not in contact with reductant.

What does DEF level low mean?

Low DEF levels will trigger a decrease in engine performance. DEF level is EMPTY and IGNORED. Vehicle speed limited to 5 mph / engine derated. Flashing. DEF level is EMPTY.