P204C FORD code

OBD Code P204C – Reductant Pressure Sensor Circuit Low The trouble code P204C can be explicated as Reductant Pressure Sensor Circuit Low. This trouble code is generic, which would mean that it can apply to all the vehicles which are equipped with the OBD-II or the vehicles which are made since 1996 up to the present.

What is a reductant pressure sensor?

The Reductant Pressure Sensor is used to monitor and control the amount of DEF the Reductant Pump is putting out. If the Reductant Pressure Sensor sends back an implausible signal, code P204B is set.

What does reductant pressure too low mean?

OBD-II Code Powertrain Control Module (PCM) failure is defined as a Reductant Pressure Too Low. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is used to assist in converting leftover exhaust particles to harmless gases. In order to burn off those particles, the temperature of the exhaust system needs to increase.

What is a reductant pump?

The Reductant Pump transfers the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) from the tank to the DEF Injector. If the Reductant Pump fails to perform as requested by the engine computer (PCM), code P208A will be stored.

How do you fix reductant pressure too low?

How To Correct Reductant Pressure Too Low Issue

  1. You must fix the defective reductant pump.
  2. Make sure to mend the faulty reductant injector.
  3. It is essential to restore the flawed reductant purge valve.
  4. Repair or replace the quirky reductant pressure line.
  5. Rehabilitate the defaults in the reductant pressure sensor.

What is reductant in a car?

English translation: reductant

Reductants, or reducing agents, are required by almost all diesel after-treatment devices dealing with oxides of nitrogen and particulate mater to enhance the efficiency and durability of the device. Reductants can include fluids such as diesel fuel or urea water solutions.

How do you prime a Ford DEF pump?

Using the supplied 30cc syringe and a new, clean container of DEF, fill the syringe at least half full. Insert the nozzle of the filled syringe into the inlet port on the bottom of the pump. Slowly push the plunger of the syringe to force the clean DEF into the pump until the syringe is empty (refer to Photo 1).

Where is the reductant pump located?

DEF reservoir

The electrically operated DEF (emissions reductant) pump, which is located within the DEF reservoir, is designed to deliver pressurized reductant to the reductant injector located upstream of the Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst.

Where is the reductant level sensor?

Reductant level sensor 3 is located at less than half range of the DEF tank level. The scan tool will display Active when the level sensors are in contact with reductant and Inactive when not in contact with reductant. An integrated temperature sensor monitors reductant temperature.