P2172 DODGE code

The P2172 code means that a large amount of airflow was suddenly inducted into the throttle actuator control system. The electronic control unit (ECU) detects this large amount of air and the P2172 diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is set. When the code is set, the Check Engine Light will be illuminated on the dashboard.

How do you fix a throttle actuator control system?

What repairs can fix the P2111 code?

  1. Replace the TPS. Commonly this will require the throttle body to be replaced as the TPS and the throttle body is an integrated unit.
  2. Clean the throttle body. …
  3. Replace the throttle body. …
  4. Replacing the PCM. ( …
  5. Repair the wiring.

What causes P2104 code?

What causes the P2104 code? The engine control module is in failure management mode from a major failure in the throttle actuator control system and sets code P2104 for limiting the engine to idle closed throttle only.

What is code P2173?

Code P2173 means that there is a vacuum leak somewhere in the intake system or one or more of the sensors that monitors intake pressures has malfunctioned.

How do I fix error code P2172?

What repairs can fix the P2172 code?

  1. Replacing the throttle body.
  2. Replacing the MAP sensor.
  3. Repairing a vacuum leak.
  4. Resolving an open or short in the wiring harness.
  5. Getting a sticking throttle body unstuck.

Where is throttle actuator control located?

The throttle controller is located on top of the engine between the air intake and the intake manifold.

How do I fix error code P2107?

What repairs can fix the P2107 code?

  1. Repairing or replacing throttle body actuator wiring harness.
  2. Replacing throttle body.
  3. Fixing poor electrical connection.
  4. Replacing throttle position sensor.

How do I fix error code P2112?

What repairs can fix the P2112 code?

  1. Repairing or replacing wiring harness as needed.
  2. Replacing faulty throttle position sensor.
  3. Replacing throttle body actuator.
  4. Fixing a poor electrical connection point.
  5. Unsticking the throttle body plate.

How do I fix error code P2106?

How To Correct P2106 Throttle Actuator Control System – Forced Limited Power

  1. Throttle position sensor replacement.
  2. Accelerator pedal sensor replacement.
  3. Throttle control system reprogramming.
  4. PCM repair and reprogramming.
  5. Faulty wiring and connector replacement.

What does P2106 mean?

P2106 is an OBD-II generic code for the engine control module (ECM) detecting a major failure in a system causing the ECM to go into failure mode and limiting the throttle actuator to limited power.

What causes code P0507?

The P0507 code is triggered when the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects that the engine is idling higher than the specified idle RPM range. The standard engine idle is usually between 600-800 RPM depending on the model of the vehicle.