P2609 DODGE code

P2609 code definition A P2609 trouble code indicates that the PCM has detected abnormal voltage readings from one or more of the intake air heater circuits.

Where is the air intake heater located?

The air intake heater is located in the line that runs from the intercooler to the top of the intake manifold on the right side of the engine (left side if you are standing in front of the truck looking into the engine compartment).

How do you test a Cummins grid heater?

Zitat von Youtube: There's my key on 10 like my keys on. So now you can test this by touching over here to your ground somewhere. Here we go we got ground. It's getting pretty warm right.

What controls current to the intake air heater?

Air heater elements are used to heat incoming air into the intake manifold. This is done to help engine starting and improve drivability with cool or even cold outside temperatures. Electrical supply for the two heating elements is controlled by the engine control module via two air heater relays.

What does an air intake heater relay do?

It sends voltage to the intake air heater when the PCM tells it to. It’s meant to help reduce white smoke on cold starts and idle. It’s not necessary for the truck to run.

What does engine code P0541 mean?

What the P0541 code means. DTC P0541 is a generic OBD-II code in the engine control module (ECM) or powertrain control module (PCM) for an issue with the air intake heater relay. This particular air intake heater relay code indicates circuit low, meaning that the voltage is lower than the range it should have.

How does a flame heater glow plug work?

Flame Glow Plugs

These devices use a relatively low power electrical heater to ignite a metered amount of fuel. Heating powers of up to 10 kW are possible with these heaters. Fuel from the fuel inlet is evaporated over a vaporizer tube, mixed with the intake air and then ignited on the heater rod.

Why do a grid heater delete?

Registered. It deletes the heater that warms the air prior to starting the truck. Your truck should run better without it and in the winter you will need to have it plugged in when it’s gets cold.

What is a grid heater 5.9 Cummins?

The 5.9L Cummins does not have glow plugs, but rather a single heating element mounted between the air horn and intake manifold referred to as the “heater grid” or “grid heater”. The heater grid is a resistive heating unit that operates on similar principles as a traditional glow plug system.