Procedure for throttle body and idle air control replacement (ford ranger)

How do you relearn a Ford throttle body?

To “relearn” the Ford Fusion’s throttle body, move the car to a flat surface, set the parking brake and put the gear shift into park. Switch off all accessories. Fire the engine and run until it reaches operating temperatures and let idle for at least 1 minute.

How do you relearn a Ford Ranger idle?

Turn the air conditioning on and allow the engine to idle for at least one minute. Release the parking brake. With your foot on the brake pedal and the A/C still on, put the vehicle in “D” (Drive) and allow the engine to idle for at least one minute. Drive the vehicle to complete the relearning process.

How do I relearn my idle air control?

You can reset the idle air control (IAC) valve by turning the car on, putting the car into park, pressing the brake down, then pushing the gas pedal down, counting down about 5 seconds, turning the car off, waiting 10 seconds and start the car again, checking to see if the car is idling properly.

What is the IAC on a Ford Ranger?


Change it out with a new Ford Ranger idle air control valve from AutoZone. An idle air control valve assists your Ranger’s computer by controlling airflow so you get the right amount of fuel sent to the engine. Dirt from everyday driving clogs the idle air control valve, giving you an uneven ride.

Does a new throttle body need to be reprogrammed?

In fact, on some engines a new throttle body needs to be programmed with a factory, or equivalent, scan tool. The technician cannot even clean the carbon out of the throttle body in some cases without setting a “check engine” light.

How do you calibrate a new throttle body?

Make sure that the accelerator pedal is fully released. Turn ignition switch “ON” and wait at least 2 seconds. Turn ignition switch “OFF” wait at least 10 seconds. Turn ignition switch “ON” and wait at least 2 seconds.

How do you reset the computer on a Ford Ranger?

How to Reset the Ford PCM

  1. Open the hood of the Ford. Loosen the lock nut located on the negative battery cable connector with a socket and ratchet. …
  2. Wait for 20 minutes while the PCM bleeds off the electricity it stores for backup power. Once the power drains from the PCM, it resets.

Will disconnecting battery reset idle?
And start taking everything off your car just bring the rpms up and just let it relearn what it needs to relearn. After about five minutes your idol will be reset. Thanks for watching.

How do I adjust the idle speed on my electronic throttle body?

Disconnect the idle air adjustment valve by locating and disengaging the electronic connector that holds it to the throttle body. Turn the idle screw to adjust the idle—turn the screw to the left to increase the RPM or to the right to lower it.

How do you test a Ford IAC valve?
And it doesn't matter which direction you touch the positive and negative lead as long as you're touching them both whoops. She'll go up and then she'll hold steady where it's supposed to be.

How do you clean an IAC valve on a Ford?
Involved throttle body cleaner is ideal. And also clean the gasket. Meeting surface on the outside and then soak the innards. And try to get all the built-up carbon dissolved.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1999 Ford Ranger?
So if you follow the brake. Booster right there and you follow my hand. That is the location of the PCV valve now it's inside the grommet right now.

What are the symptoms of a clogged PCV valve?

Symptoms of a Stuck Closed PCV Valve or System

  • Increase in internal engine pressure.
  • Failure of one or more oil seals or gaskets.
  • Engine oil leaks.
  • Low whistling or moaning noise.
  • Moisture and sludge buildup inside the engine.
  • Engine surges.
  • MAF sensor trouble code.
  • P0171 or P0174 trouble codes.

What does PCV valve do?

Essentially, a PCV valve controls emissions — it takes the gases produced by the crankcase and routes them back into your engine’s combustion chambers to be safely burned without harming your vehicle or the environment. While gases can exit the crankcase through the PCV valve, they cannot return into it.

How do you test a PCV valve?

One way to check whether a PCV valve is functioning is to remove it from the hose or tube and shake it. If you can hear a metallic rattling noise, it’s likely in good working order. If you do not hear anything when you shake the valve, it is likely that it is no longer opening and closing like it should.

Where is PCV valve located?
The purpose of the PCV valve is to control the flow of the vapor from the crankcase to the intake manifold. This valve is typically located near or in the valve cover.

Can a bad PCV valve cause rough idle?

a faulty pcv valve can cause a number of problems: 1. rough idle or stalling: if the plunger is stuck open, the pcv valve will allow too much air to enter the engine. this can cause a lean air-fuel mixture, resulting in a rough idle or stalling.