S60 won’t start, no lights, nothing at all

Why won’t my Volvo S60 won’t start?

The most common reasons a Volvo S60 won’t start are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter.

How do I reset my Volvo immobilizer?

Turn the ignition. On off on off five times and on the six times when you turn the ignition. On start it try to start it and that fixed it for me that reset.

What goes wrong with Volvo S60?

Problem: If you are having performance problems with your S60, the ETM (Electronic Throttle Module) is known to get blocked by a carbon build up. The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor also gets a build up. Poor engine idling, bad starting and lack of power/acceleration are all symptoms of these issues.

Where is the battery in a 2019 Volvo S60?

After you’ve gathered your tools, you’ll head to the trunk of the car for the Volvo battery location. That’s right; don’t head under the hood for this one. This sedan’s battery is located below the floor hatch and secured tightly next to the spare tire.

How do I reset my Volvo?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Turn your Volvo S60 key to thefirst position or quickly press the START/STOP button.
  2. Press and hold the OK/Reset button. …
  3. Turn your key to the second position or press the START/STOP buttonagain. …
  4. When the info light blinks, stop holding the OK/Reset button.

What does Dstc temporarily off mean on a Volvo?

Message. Specification. DSTC Temporarily OFF. The system is temporarily reduced due to excessive brake disc temperature. – The function is reactivated automatically when the brakes have cooled.

How do I reset my Volvo s60 immobilizer?

If the immobilizer is activated, but it shouldn’t, you can reset it by disconnecting power to the Engine Control Module. Look at the fuse box in the engine bay or side of the dashboard. Find the fuse that says Engine Control Module (ECM) and unplug it for at least 5 min. Reconnect it and try to start the engine.

What is a Volvo immobilizer?

The immobilizer secures the truck using a chip with an electronic code integrated in the key. Whenever the ignition is switched on, the immobilizer runs a check in order to unlock the engine. The immobilizer can be combined with the Volvo anti-theft system for more complete protection of the truck.

How do I know if my Immobiliser is on?

You have an icon in my case it looks like an ignition key that icon should go off within two seconds in your case if the icon is blinking or the light is on solidly.

Why do Volvos have 2 batteries?

Volvo models of the last few years are equipped with two 12V batteries. One extra power battery is used for starting while the other auxiliary battery supports the Start/Stop function’s starting sequence. The Volvo Start/Stop function switches the engine off temporarily when the car has stopped.

How do you charge a Volvo s60 battery?

Start charging the hybrid battery

The car’s hybrid battery is charged with a charging cable between the car and a 230 V socket* (alternating current). Only use the charging cable supplied with the car or a replacement cable recommended by Volvo.

Where is starter in Volvo s60?

The starter battery is located in the cargo area.

How much is a starter for a Volvo?

A starter replacement typically costs between $440 and $551. Labor costs can be between $112 and $141, while the parts cost between $307 and $410.

Where is the starter located on a 2012 Volvo s60?

Alright first I just want to say this may be a little bit difficult to see the stars buried its mounts up to the transmission but it's right underneath the intake manifold.

Where is the battery in a 2021 Volvo s60?

The 12 V support battery is located in the engine compartment. If the car is equipped with a 48V support battery instead, it is located under the cargo area.

Specifications for support battery.

Type AGM
Cold start capacity – CCA (A) 170
Size, L×B×H 150×90×130 mm (5.9×3.5×5.1 inches)
Capacity (Ah) 10

How do you jumpstart a Volvo V60?

Open the positive jump-starting point’s cover (2). Connect the red jump lead’s other clamp onto the car’s positive jump-starting point (2). Connect one of the black jump lead’s clamps to the donor battery’s negative terminal (3). Connect the black jump lead’s other clamp onto the car’s negative jump-starting point (4).

When jump-starting a car make sure it’s in?

Jump starting a car is commonly done from another car, although it can be done from a jump battery. You will be connecting the two cars’ batteries with the jumper cables. Make sure cars are in the right distance to have the jumper cables reach each battery.