Scania 4 series Opticruise gearbox problems

What is opticruise gearbox?

Opticruise is an automated transmission system for manual gear boxes, where the shift stick is replaced by pneumatic actuators creating a computer controlled gear shifting system.

What are the major problem in gearbox operation?

Detect Your Cars Gearbox Problems

The other common warning signs of gearbox problems that may lead to unnecessary gearbox repair costs are fluid leak, vibration, noise, and oil contamination. If your vehicle is not running smoothly and shaking and producing grinding sounds then there must be an issue.

How do you use Scania opticruise?
If needed the whole lever is used to control retard of braking pressing. The button at the end switches. Between manual and automatic allowing. The driver to do all gear changing manually.

What gearbox is in a Scania?

A new range of gearboxes, launched today, headlined by the G33CM are fitted to Scania’s updated V8 engines (with the exception of the 770hp) including the two 13-litre six cylinder engines rated at 500 and 540 horsepower.

How does a Scania Retarder work?

Scania Retarder is a hydraulic system that is integrated into the output end of a truck’s gearbox and uses high-pressure oil as a braking medium. Via a gear transmission, the Retarder acts on the output shaft of the gearbox and thus directly on the propeller shaft.

How do you change gear in Scania?
Let's get used to changing gear. Again. So basically we've got reverse nice and simple that way and pop.

How do you diagnose a gearbox problem?

There are key gearbox failure symptoms to keep an eye out for – Here’s 10 signs of how to tell if a gearbox is damaged.

  1. Fluid leakage. …
  2. Check Engine Light. …
  3. Poor response from your car gearbox. …
  4. Unusual sounds. …
  5. Shaking, jerking or grinding. …
  6. Burning smell. …
  7. Refusal to shift gear. …
  8. Quaking when in neutral.

How do you troubleshoot a gearbox?


  1. Overload. Decrease load or use a larger model.
  2. Insufficient or excessive lubricating oil. Adjust oil level so it aligns with mark on oil gauge.
  3. Contaminated oil. …
  4. Oil viscosity is improper. …
  5. Bearing are improperly mounted. …
  6. Shaft is connected improperly. …
  7. Air vent port is closed. …
  8. Ambient temperature is too high.

What causes difficulty in changing gears?

The most common reason your manual transmission is hard to shift is due to a faulty clutch or hydraulic clutch system. It can also be damaged to the gearbox like damaged gears or faulty synchronizer rings. Check the gearbox fluid level, since it could also cause shifting issues.

How many gears does a Scania truck have?

eight gears

Scania’s standard manual box has eight gears (plus a crawler), whereas the Opticruise alternative has 12 (plus two crawlers). The combination of additional ratios and strict control of engine speed and shift strategy is the perfect recipe for optimal fuel consumption on a tipper, argues Scania.

How much is a gearbox UK?

It could cost between £270.08 (Sheffield) and £411.06 (Southampton) for a gearbox repair, depending on what it is that needs fixing. A full gearbox replacement could cost upwards of £500.

How do you drive a Scania manual truck?
So how do you know if you're driving the truck in the most efficient way well Scania driver support system let you know scania is unique among truck manufacturers in providing a real-time digital.

What is a 4 over 4 gearbox?

Re: 4 over 4 gearbox

It only takes effect when the gear lever passes through neutral. Typically start off in 2nd, then 4th, Range change switch up, then select 5th. Or, Select 3rd, and even before you move off, move the range change to high, and then when you do change gear, go straight to 5th.

How do you use a split shift gearbox?
Bring them up put pressure on the stick. Bring your cams up and it's going to drop. Down into gear most people overthink themselves when you're trying to do this especially when they're down shifting.

How do I change my HGV gear?
Another way to do it you might see some drivers do it is they'll flip the switch forward they'll release the accelerator they'll pull it out of gear.

How do you change gears in a manual lorry?
We want to change gear we will need to use our left foot to quickly press the clutch pedal right to the floor and at the same time lift our right foot off the accelerator pedal.

How do you drive a roadranger gearbox?
Okay hold the pressure here take a bit of slack out of the gearstick. As you release the accelerator these consoles rocks in a neutral crops in the gear. Pressure on them fiercely.