Series of troubling electrical problems in my ’07 Mazda 3. Any ideas?

What are the most common problems with Mazda 3?

Top Mazda 3 Problems

  • Lighting System Issues. A malfunctioning automatic lighting system is a common issue found in the 2019 redesign. …
  • Malfunctioning Infotainment System. …
  • Brake Problems. …
  • Loose, Bent, or Rusted Sway Bar Links. …
  • Excessive Vibration. …
  • Faulty Thermostat. …
  • Illuminated Air Bag Warning Light. …
  • Transmission Problems.

Why is my Mazda 3 struggling?

Clogged Fuel Filter: A fuel filter that is clogged can make a vehicle very difficult to start. The fuel filter screens out contaminants and can become clogged over time. This will prevent the injectors from getting enough fuel, making the car hard to start.

How many miles should a Mazda 3 last?

According to Vehicle History, you can expect a Mazda3 to last upwards of 200,000 to 300,000 miles on average. In fact, there are even some Mazda3 owners with over 350,00 miles on the odometer and their cars are still going strong.

What are common problems with Mazda?

Mazda’s L-series engines are earning a reputation for variable valve timing (VVT) defects that can cause oil leaks, excessive smoke out of the tailpipe, loose timing chains, and catastrophic engine failure. Mazda acknowledged the problems i…

What Mazdas to avoid?

Used Cars to Avoid Buying

Model Year(s) to Avoid
Lincoln Nautilus 2019
Mazda CX-3 2017
Mazda CX-9 2013
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2016

How much is an alternator for a Mazda 3?

Mazda 3 Alternator Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Mazda 3 alternator replacement is between $569 and $684. Labor costs are estimated between $119 and $150 while parts are priced between $450 and $534.

What does the key light mean on a Mazda 3?

If the KEY warning light (red) illuminates, or the push button start indicator light (amber) flashes, this could indicate a problem with the engine starting system and the inability to start the engine or switch the ignition to ACC or ON. Have your vehicle inspected at an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible.

What does the security indicator light mean Mazda 3?

Security Indicator Light. ​The system is armed when the ignition is switched from ON to off. The security indicator light in the instrument cluster flashes every 2 seconds until the system is disarmed. The system is disarmed when the ignition is switched ON with the correct programmed key.

Are Mazdas hard to repair?

Like many Japanese car models, Mazdas are very reliable cars. The average annual repair cost is $462, according to RepairPal, which puts it below the average for all car makes.

Does a 2007 Mazda3 have a timing belt or chain?

Timing chain or timing belt? Both Mazda 3 engines have a timing chain instead of a timing belt. The timing chain doesn’t need to be replaced unless it’s stretched or there are some other issues with it.

Are Mazdas 3 good cars?

The Mazda 3 is known as being one of the most reliable compact sedans on the market. In recent years since Mazda has moved to their own powertrain, their quality and reliability have improved from the vehicles from the early 2000s where they were in a partnership with Ford.

How many miles do Mazdas last?

Mazdas have a lifespan of up to 300,000 miles.

According to consumer data, Mazdas have a long lifespan. If diligently maintained, they’ll go between 200,000 and 300,000 miles without any severe problems. Anecdotally, some Mazdas have over 350,000 miles and are still hitting the road.

Is the Mazda3 a girl car?

Mazda3 Named 2019 Women’s World Car of the Year

In addition to taking the top award, the model also won Women’s World Family Car of the Year.

Is a Mazda3 expensive to maintain?

The Mazda3 has very reasonable maintenance costs. It will cost you around $433 to maintain a Mazda3 every year, which is notably lower than the average of $526 annually for compact cars. A tune-up will be around $338, including the replacement of spark plugs.

Are Mazdas better than Toyota?

Essentially, Mazda has emerged as the most dependable brand by sticking to the same formula. CR gave Mazda an overall model score of 83. Toyota and Lexus come in at second and third with scores of 74 and 71, respectively. These carmakers fare better than most because of their conventional way of building cars.

How reliable is Mazda engine?

So, how well does Mazda actually perform? According to the various issues measured by ReliabilityIndex, the brand is impressive. When looking at everything from non-engine electrical issues to transmission, the number of faults reported are minimal, ranging from 1.79% (transmission) to 16.82% (engine).