Sound while turning wheel all the way. Just replaced struts and sway bar links

Can shocks make a popping noise?

When struts are damaged, the strut shocks fail to perform as they should. Also, the strut housing may get dented, causing shocks to keep popping in and out of the strut tube.

Should I replace sway bar links with struts?

Is it necessary to replace both sway bar links if only one is bad? The answer is no, however your mechanic may recommend replacing both sway bar links because both links usually wear at the same rate and if one is bad, the other may go soon too.

Can sway bar links cause popping noise?

The popping sound could also be the strut bearings. Disconnecting the sway bar links, then turning the steering wheel while the car is sitting, and listening for the popping noise should help confirm the source of the noise. (If the noise goes away after this test, you have confirmed that it is the sway bar bushings.)

Do new struts pop?

If that happens, when the friction is no longer enough to keep the spring where is, it’ll pop/snap back into the position where it is supposed to be…to “catch up” to the strut as it turns.

Do sway bar links affect alignment?

Registered Member. Sway bar end links, or anything to do with a sway bar, won’t affect wheel alignment settings. Most places don’t have an option anymore about 2 or 4 wheel alignments.

Is a sway bar link the same as a stabilizer link?

Sway bar end links are the attachment points between a sway bar and suspension members. Also known as a stabilizer bar or anti-roll bar, the sway bar connects suspension components on either side of the car to minimize body leaning in turns.

How do I know if my sway bar is bad?

Warning signs of a broken or bad sway bar link include clunks and squeaks. Over-steering or excessive lean through turns are also symptoms of worn sway bar links, but they can also be signs of larger problems with your vehicle’s suspension system.

How should new struts feel?

Simply walk to each corner of the vehicle and push down. Watch that corner as it rises back into place. If it springs back up right away and settles immediately, that strut is probably fine. But if it takes a long time to get back into place or if it bounces up and down before settling, you’ve probably got a problem.

When I turn my steering wheel it makes a popping noise?

Reasons Your Car Makes a Noise When You Turn the Wheel

Suspension Joints: Especially when heard at lower speeds, a creaking, clunking, or popping sound could indicate worn out or broken suspension joints.

What causes spring binding?
Maybe possibly the bearing is installed incorrectly. Or it's worn out or not installed at all and you only have the upper strut mount installed.

Why does my car make noise when going over bumps?

This symptom typically happens when you have a suspension issue, and occurs when driving over bumps, uneven surfaces, debris, potholes, and more. It could be that some suspension part is loose or broken. The suspension system is fairly complex, so finding the exact source of the noise can be tricky to do by yourself.

Do coil springs make noise?

A broken spring will affect the wheel alignment and can cause a rattling noise. It can be a safety issue because when a coil spring is broken, it is possible for it to become dislodged when going over a bump, and possibly damage other suspension parts, your tires, or even your brake lines.

Do struts clunk when turning?

The most common symptoms of a bad strut mount are squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel at low speeds or knocking, banging, clunking, or popping noises when hitting speed bumps or irregularities on the road.

Why do my struts make noise when turning?

Noise With a Strut

If the noise occurs while turning, then the upper bearing assembly should be inspected and/or replaced. When inspecting strut mounting hardware, many of these types of components can stretch or deform if over-torqued or if they have been loosened and retightened multiple times, resulting in a noise.

What does strut noise sound like?

Strut noise

Bad strut sounds are usually described as a hollow clunking or banging type of sound. You’ll typically hear the noise when the vehicle is traveling over irregularities in the road. Most front strut assemblies also have a bearing at the top.