Two problems, not sure if they’re related. 2008 Hyundai Sonata RPM issue and starting problem

Why is my Hyundai Sonata not accelerating?

The most common causes for slow acceleration in Hyundai Sonata are clogged air filter, dirty mass air flow sensor (MAF), clogged fuel filter, fuel pump malfunction, faulty oxygen sensor, dirty throttle body, worn spark plugs and clogged catalytic converter.

What problems do Hyundai Sonatas have?

8 Common Hyundai Sonata Problems

  • ZF-TRW Crash Sensor Defect. …
  • ABS Fire. …
  • Rodents Chew Hyundai’s Soy Wiring. …
  • Seat Belts Detatch During Crash. …
  • Blue Link Standard Feature? …
  • Hyundai Theta II Engine Knocking, Seizing, and Sludge. …
  • Panoramic Sunroof Explodes. …
  • Hyundai’s Self-Peeling Paint.

Why do my rpms keep jumping?

RPM fluctuation is a common symptom of worn-out spark plugs, especially in older vehicles. Spark plugs that are worn out are unable to correctly fire the fuel within the piston at the appropriate time. This might result in sluggish acceleration. When accelerating, your automobile may experience misfires and jerking.

What year Sonatas have engine problems?

What Year Sonatas Have Engine Problems? The affected model years are 2011-14 Sonatas, 2013, 2014-15 Santa Fe Sports, 2012, Velosters and Velosters xes include certain model year 2011-14 Sonatas, 2014-15 Santa Fe Sports, 2012 Santa Fes, 2015-2016 Velosters, 2011–2017 Sonata Hybrids and 2017 Tucson .

Why is my Hyundai Sonata losing power?

Common reasons for this to happen:

Defective fuel pump or filter: Since the fuel pump is responsible for supplying your vehicle with fuel, it can cause a loss of power when it begins to wear out or when the in-tank filter becomes clogged and prevents the free flow of fuel.

Why does my car rev but not accelerate?

Worn Transmission Fluid (Automatic Transmission)

Over time, the transmission fluid gathers dirt and grime. This can cause the engine to run roughly, stall or fail to accelerate when you press down on the gas pedal. You may need to have a transmission fluid change before more damage is done.

How many miles can a 2008 Hyundai Sonata last?

On average, a Hyundai Sonata lasts between 200,000 – 240,000 miles. A Hyundai Sonata needs to go to the garage for unscheduled repairs about 0.27 times per year with an 11% chance of a severe problem. Furthermore, Hyundai Sonata owners spend an average of $458 per year on repair costs.

Does Hyundai Sonata have transmission problems?

The most common transmission problem reported in 2015 Hyundai Sonata include slipping, jerking, and hard shifting. In the 6th generation of Hyundai Sonata, the majority of these problems are caused due to a faulty vehicle speed sensor.

Do Hyundai have transmission problems?

Common Hyundai transmission problems include: difficulty shifting gears, hesitation when accelerating, loss of power and stalling. These issues has been written about on multiple automotive websites like Car Complaints, Consumer Reports and It Still Runs.

Which Hyundais have engine problems?

Which Hyundai Engines Are Being Recalled? There are certain Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) vehicles recalled, including Elantra 2019-2020, 2019-, 2019-2021 Kona and Veloster vehicles equipped with… Using Nu MPI engines that are 0 liters.

Why are Hyundai engines failing?

The U.S. safety agency opened its probe in 2017 after Hyundai recalled about 470,000 vehicles in September of 2015 because debris from manufacturing could restrict oil flow to connecting rod bearings. That could make the bearings wear out and fail, potentially causing the four-cylinder engines to stall or catch fire.

Did Hyundai fix engine problems?

In November of 2020, the agency announced that Hyundai and Kia would pay $137 million in fines and for safety improvements in an agreement to fix the engine problems. The announcement resolved a three-year government probe into the companies’ behavior involving recalls of multiple models since the 2011 model year.

What are the most common problems with Hyundai?

The Most Common Hyundai Problems

  • Elantra Nu Engine Tick. …
  • ZF-TRW Crash Sensor Defect. …
  • ABS Fire. …
  • Rodents Chew Hyundai’s Soy Wiring. …
  • Seat Belts Detatch During Crash. …
  • Hyunda’s Inflated MPGs. …
  • Tucson Dual Clutch Transmission Acceleration. …
  • Blue Link Standard Feature?

Will Hyundai replace my engine for free?

Under this warranty agreement, Hyundai will replace engines and components for free, as long as the car is being rechecked and in great shape.

Which Hyundai engines are being recalled?

Hyundai Motor America is conducting a safety recall to inspect, and if necessary replace, the engine assembly in Model Year Hyundai Sonata vehicles equipped with 2.0 liter turbo and 2.4 liter gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines manufactured at Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama.

Is there a recall on Hyundai Sonata engines?

Recall no. Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) is recalling certain 2021-2022 Santa Fe and Sonata vehicles equipped with 2.5L turbocharged engines. Fuel may leak at the pipe connection between the high-pressure fuel pump and fuel rail. A fuel leak increases the risk of a fire.

How do I know if my Hyundai Sonata has a recall?

To check if your car is affected by these recalls, please visit