U0073 FORD code

If your car is showing a U0073 engine code, it means that communication between your vehicle’s modules has been lost. The modules send information about your car’s performance through the controller area network (CAN) bus to the powertrain control module (PCM), where the data is used to make adjustments to the engine.

What can cause a U0073 code?

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) U0073 stands for “Control Module Communication Bus “A” Off.” OBD code U0073 is a communication system DTC that applies to most vehicles. Usually, this code is triggered when communication is lost intermittently or fully between your vehicle’s control modules.

What does a U0073 mean?

Control Module Communication Bus ‘

Code U0073 stands for Control Module Communication Bus ‘A’ Off. The computers in modern vehicles (referred to as modules) communicate with one another over a data bus. This bus is called the controller area network (CAN).

How do I fix code U0073?

Fixing a U0073 engine code is best left to the professionals. Repairs may involve diagnosing the various modules in your vehicle and replacing communication wires between modules and the CAN bus.

What does lost communication with ECM PCM?

Definition: Lost communication with engine control module/powertrain control module. Engine code U0100 means that your car can’t send messages between the ECM (engine control module) and the PCM (powertrain control module).

How do I fix code U0101?

What Repairs Will Fix U0101?

  1. Repair damaged wiring or connectors.
  2. Repair ground connections.
  3. Replace TCM.

CAN bus U0073?

The code U0073 indicates that one or more modules is unable to communicate efficiently over CAN bus ‘A. The term “bus A” can refer to either the CAN High or CAN Low bus, depending on the manufacturer.

What is high speed communication bus?

The CAN bus uses two wires for communication: CAN high (which sends messages faster) and CAN low (which is slower). “Bus” is just a technical term for the internal system that communicates data—like a highway system for your car’s messages to itself.

What is a CAN communication fault?

CANBUS is a high speed network which requires high quality wiring in order to operate properly. As such, it is sensitive to improper wiring. The majority of CANBUS communication problems are caused by poor wiring, incorrect termination, or the use of multiple frequencies on the same bus.

What is Vehicle communication bus A?

Vehicle Communication Buses provide support for Automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN, and FlexRay frames and signals. Use these products for hardware-in-the-loop simulation, bus monitoring, automation control, and more.