U0155 CHEVROLET code

Error code U0155 indicates that there’s a loss of communication with your Instrument Panel Cluster Control Module (IPC). This occurs when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) notices that it can no longer communicate with the IPC properly.

What is U0155 code?

Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) U0155 stands for “Lost Communication with Instrument Panel Control (IPC) Module.” This code is logged when one or more modules (computers) on the vehicle have lost communication with the Instrument Panel Control (IPC) module.

What is an IPC module?

Since Electron applications are broken into two separate processes (main and render), we need a system to communicate between them. That system is in the IPC module. This module allows you to send and receive synchronous and asynchronous messages between the processes.

What does lost communication with TCM mean?

It means that the transmission control module is not communicating with one or more modules that are connected with it through the CAN bus/controller area network system.

What module controls the instrument cluster?

On modern cars, there’s one wiring harness running from the instrument cluster to the engine control module (ECM) or body control module (BCM). The ECM or BCM has a bunch of wires running to sensors and lights all over the vehicle.

How do I fix the code U0155?

To repair a U0155 code, run a diagnostic test on your vehicle and do any of the following:

  1. Replace or recharge your vehicle’s battery.
  2. Fix any additional error codes which may appear on your scanner.

How much is an instrument cluster?

A replacement instrument cluster can cost you anywhere between $130 and $340. Taking your vehicle to the auto repair center to install a new cluster can set you back an additional $80 to $100 for labor.

How do I reset my TCM?

Will disconnecting the battery reset TCM? Disconnecting the battery can cause issues and any other power disconnection. Disconnecting the battery will reset the TCM and erase all of your radio presets, clock, and door lock codes.

Will disconnecting battery reset TCM?

Will disconnecting the battery reset TCM? Simply disconnecting the battery would not return the TCM to its default settings, you would need to use a transmission scan method to do so. Disconnecting the battery terminals will not complete the phase or solve any gear shift issue.