What was the initial idea behind those “Blue Dot” tail lights from the ’30s to ’50s?

It was a way to distinguish the car from the lesser models at night.” Thanks for that find!

What is the purpose of blue dot tail light?

A street rod or custom vehicle may use blue dot taillights for stop lamps, rear turning indicator lamps, rear hazard lamps, and rear reflectors.

How do you put blue dots in a tail light?

So to install the Blue Dot I just need to take the cover off with these three screws. The Blue Dot lens needs to be mounted right in front of the bulb. And on my taillight it's fairly low and in the

Are blue dot tail lights legal in Texas?

Texas Transportation code Sec. 547.322. (d) reads “A taillamp shall emit a red light plainly visible at a distance of 1,000 feet from the rear of the vehicle.” It doesn’t specifically prohibit a blue dot in the center of a red lens.

Are blue dot tail lights legal in Arizona?

The only vehicle that is lawful in showing a blue light to the rear is a Police motorcycle. Police motors in AZ have a pair of blue lights facing toward the rear; believe there is also a small blue reflector as well. Think you’re aiming to be busted here as well.

How do I install blue dot?

Install and usage is really simple:

  1. Install the Python library: sudo pip3 install bluedot.
  2. Get the Android Blue Dot app or use the Python Blue Dot app.
  3. Pair your Raspberry Pi.
  4. Write some code: from bluedot import BlueDot bd = BlueDot() bd. wait_for_press() print(“You pressed the blue dot!”)
  5. Press the Blue Dot.

Are blue LED headlights legal in Arizona?

Passenger vehicles cannot display red, blue or flashing red and blue lights. In addition to at least two headlights and one tail light, vehicles in Arizona are allowed to have additional lighting including at least two fog lights (see below).

Are purple headlights illegal in Arizona?

Also, Arizona Law (ARS §28-947) has restrictions on the type of headlights you can have, and their brightness. And it is against Arizona Law for any car other than an emergency vehicle to have a red or blue light visible from the front of the vehicle.