Wheel spacers don’t fit

Do wheel spacers fit all cars?

You can pick up generic wheel spacers from any auto parts store and they are often made to fit many different lug patterns. However, because they are not specific to the car, it can cause vibrations in the ride. Hubcentric wheel spacers are made to fit the specific hub of the vehicle.

Are all wheel spacers the same size?

Typical Wheel Spacer Thickness

A quick glance at the various spacers on our website reveals that thicknesses vary from about 1/8″ all the way up to 1″ or more. Size matters! You need to be absolutely certain that you are getting the most appropriate size.

How do I keep my wheel spacers tight?

Your lug nuts up to your stud. So whatever your manufacturer torque spec is for your lug nuts that's what you should be using to tighten up the spacer up to the hub. Now.

Why should you not run wheel spacers?

That said, wheel spacers affect suspension geometry, and will change the scrub radius, affecting braking stability, and also reduce the effective spring rate at the wheels. Wheel spacers can also cause wheel bearing failure.

Is it safe to use 2 inch wheel spacers?

If you installed them properly, 2-inch wheel spacers are exactly very safe to use and will not cause any vibration. It is recommended to get your wheel spacers installed at a reputable wheel shop. To ensure safety, the lug nuts need to be torqued properly.

Can you put wheel spacers on the front only?

Yes you can run spacers on just the front ..or rear of your FJ. It won’t have any adverse effects, other than the usual caused by running spacers, i.e. possible BMC required, and an alignment each time you put them on and take them off.

How much offset is a 2 inch spacer?

How much offset is a 2 inch spacer? So for example, if you are using 2 inch wheel spacers on stock wheels with 60 mm offset, that will give you + 9 mm offset (60 – 25.4 x 2 = 9.2).

Can you put wheel spacers on the back only?

Yes, there’s no problem running them only on the rear; that’s what most guys who run a Titan suspension swap wind up doing … and they’re typically running anything from 1″ up to 2″, so that the rear track matches more closely to the front.

Do spacers add or subtract offset?

Yes, they change offset. If you have 40mm offset wheels, a 10mm spacer would make them 30mm. This why you should ALWAYS buy a higher numerical offset when you have any doubts. A 50mm offset can become a 45mm with spacers, but until someone invents an anti-matter spacer, it isn’t going to happen the other way around.

Will wheel spacers affect alignment?

Yes, spacers affect the alignment. Spacers (or wheels with odd offsets) may also technically affect your suspension warranty. Yes, spacers affect the alignment. Spacers (or wheels with odd offsets) may also technically affect your suspension warranty.

Are 15mm spacers safe?

As long as your bolt-on wheel spacers are hub-centric, they’re incredibly safe. Just make sure that you follow all of the manufacturer’s directions and ensure that you have enough room in your wheel well for your now lower offset wheel set up before you hit the road.

Are wheel spacers safe at high speeds?

Yes, wheel spacers are safe for racing, and many people use them for racing because of the added traction and grip benefits. Similar to off-roading, you will want to get hub-centric wheel spacers instead of lug-centric wheel spacers.

Are 25mm spacers safe?

I do have a few friends who have ran high quality hub centric 25mm spacers without an issue on street and track. So long as you stick with a reputable forged alloy brand like H&R and have the proper bolts, you will not have a problem.

What are Hubcentric spacers?

Hub Centric wheel spacers pilot by the hub of the vehicle. This means they center on the hub of the vehicle while simulating the piloting lip on the face side. Lug Centric would mean they are centered only by the lug nuts.

Are wheel spacers easy to install?

When it comes to modifying cars — wheel spacers are incredibly easy to install.

Will tire shops install wheel spacers?

They will not install wheels and tires on a vehicle that has spacers, because of the liability, and that should apply to all of their stores across the country, Just a FYI……………..:thumb: WF LIFE TIME MEMBER….

Should you put Loctite on wheel spacers?

Fact of the matter is a spacer is no different than a wheel, if it is torqued properly it will never come off. Nobody ever loctites their wheel nuts. The only reason for loctite is because spacers will not come off for many years in some cases.