Why did Ducati decide to use the desmodromic valve train rather than a more tradition valve train?

Ducati’s desmodromic valve system’s camshaft (timing and conjugate) designs are considerably more complex and therefore susceptible to change engine behaviour with wear; more than, say, other traditional valve-spring alternatives/designs exhibiting the same degradation. Maintenance and servicing intervals.

Why does Ducati use desmodromic valves?

Ducati started using desmodromic valves in the 1950s because it let them rev their engines higher.

What is Ducati desmodromic?

If you’re a motorcycle geek, then you’re probably aware that Ducati engines all use something called “Desmo,” but you might not understand why they use it or what it even is. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Desmo is short for desmodromic, and it refers to the way that a poppet valve inside of an engine is controlled.

Who invented desmodromic valves?

Fabio Taglioni

In 1956, Fabio Taglioni, a Ducati engineer, developed a desmodromic valve system for the Ducati 125 Grand Prix, creating the Ducati 125 Desmo. He was quoted to say: The specific purpose of the desmodromic system is to force the valves to comply with the timing diagram as consistently as possible.

Does Ducati still use desmo?

Desmodromic engines are still being used by Ducati, notably in the MotoGP competition machine, the Desmosedici GP19 as well as the current crop of Panigale V4 super bikes along with the Diavel power cruiser and Multistrada 1260 adventure tourers in V-twin form.

Is the Ducati V4 desmodromic?

The Ducati Panigale V4 is a sport bike with a 1,103 cc (67.3 cu in) desmodromic 90° V4 engine introduced by Ducati in 2018 as the successor to the V-twin engined 1299.

Why is Ducati clutch dry?

The initial dry clutches were designed for racing purposes which enabled the teams to do a quick swap of the clutch without having to drain the oil. This eventually helped them to save a lot of time and get back on to the track.

Do all Ducatis need desmo service?

Ducati Factory recommended service intervals of 15,000 miles and on some models the main Desmo Service is not necessary until 18,000 miles. Oil Service, have been spaced out to 7,500 miles or 9,000 miles. If you are unsure of your scheduled maintenance intervals for your particular model, just give us a call.

Is Ducati scrambler desmodromic?

The system kept the valves under control at high revs, Ducati won a bunch of races, and today, all Ducati’s use desmodromic timing, from the Scrambler lineup on up to Ducati’s MotoGP bikes. Ducati and desmo may be synonymous, but Ducati didn’t invent the technology.

What is desmodromic timing?

With Ducati’s new Desmodromic Variable Timing (DVT) , the intake cams and exhaust cams are independently variable, allowing for optimum valve events from idle to redline. The system works via valve-timing adjusters built into the ends of the cam pulleys.

Does Ducati use valve springs?

Ducati announced on Thursday that its forthcoming V4 Granturismo engine, which will be fitted first to the new Multistrada V4, will use conventional valve springs to control closure on both intake and exhaust valves.

How do you adjust a Ducati valve?

So again be very careful make sure your piston's at the top of the stroke. Before you take the closer. Off on a valve. So we'll relax that for right now. And take the closer over to the bench.

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